WE HAVE JAZE IF WE ARE GOOD! The Christmas Post begins, and this must be followed by THE RIGHT VERNIC! Here's how to purify the soul and body


WE HAVE JAZE IF WE ARE GOOD! The Christmas Post begins, and this must be followed by THE RIGHT VERNIC! This is how to purify the soul and body

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Christmas, one of four major annual posts, starts today and was raised on Christmas Day, January 7.

Within those 40 days, every true believer must be used for purification and body and soul, but many people tend to use that period as a kind of diet, without digging too much into what the post really means.

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The Post is, in fact, a time when humans find size in everything, express gratitude to God, find peace, and refrain from bad thoughts and actions. Fasting time must teach humans to hold back, not only from oily food, but also from malice, humiliation, anger, and any kind of behavior that should not be attached to true Christians.

According to the rules of fasting and according to the words of St. John the Golden, body posts must not be used unless connected with the spiritual.

"Do not tell me: I have fasted for so long I did not eat this or that, I did not drink wine, I went in rough clothes, but told us whether you have become silent from the wretched, from the fierce – mild. If you are full with hatred, why are you body tortured? ", John Zlatoust's words in the church books.

In the Scriptures he writes: "Love your neighbor as yourself", which means that humans are brothers, and we must be tolerant, respectful and helpful to others, and that is only possible if we are not angry and selfish.

The ease of your soul

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The protesters Miodrag Pavlovic explained that the post must be human to agree to think who, what, where and how it relates to God.

"In fasting we need to repent, acknowledge, think, lighten our souls, and cleanse ourselves. The body must not be tortured by fasting if we are angry, if we try and want evil for our neighbor. In fasting we must forgive and do a pure heart , "said this. priest

Posting rules

The Christmas Post starts on November 28 and runs until January 7, until Christmas. It's very fast (on water) only on Wednesdays and Fridays, while on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays it is permissible to use oil and wine, and on Saturdays and Sundays and fish. The heaviest post is January 6, when true believers are there that day until night only on water.




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