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This threatens GRIP, which will take as many as 200 million people

Scientists say the flu virus remains under control, and a new pandemic can easily destroy the world's population, according to a BBC report.

Given the tendency of viral mutations and their constant presence in nature, and naturally occur in birds from wild waters, experts agree that it is only a matter of time when new viruses will emerge – both infectious and deadly like the Spanish flu, and maybe even mountains.

Let us remind you, in 4 months, Spanish flu, which is remembered in the history of medicine as the most deadly, has spread to the world and about 5 percent of the population has died. The causative agent is the influenza avian H1N1 subtype and from which people die within a few hours to several days.

"A flu pandemic is similar to an earthquake, hurricane or tsunami – it is never clear how strong it will be," said Michael Osterholm, director of the Research and Policy Center for Infectious Diseases in Minnesota Depot.

"The idea that it would not be repeated in 1918 was stupid"He said, although he agreed that it was impossible to predict, but at least predictable.

The reality is that the virus will come out safely. After this happens, he will travel the world and, given people's mobility, will be in various parts of the world in a few weeks, "said professor of epidemiology and biostatistics, adding: "An infected patient spreads the virus a day before he himself feels the first symptoms."

Because the number of people on this planet has more than quadrupled over the past hundred years, there will likely be more deaths.

If he killed 50 million people in 1918, this time there might be more than 200 million people worldwide.

"There are a lot of dead bags. The first thing that can happen is they run out," said prof. Чуэл.

"Today we don't have enough antiviral drugs for the richest country in the world, and that's America, so what can they expect for an Indian, Chinese or Mexican?" He also said that the drugs we have are less effective.

If a pandemic similar to 1918 emerged today, cities throughout the world would likely collapse. Companies and schools will be closed; public transportation will not function; electricity will be turned off, and bodies will be piled up on the streets. Food supplies and medicines now saving lives, such as those that fight diabetes, heart disease or immunosuppressive drugs, will be disrupted.

Large losses of young people and middle-aged people can endanger the world economy in this case.

Despite all the bad news, there is still a chance to save: a universal flu vaccine.

"The study is ongoing, so we hope that when the virus appears, the vaccine will be ready. So far we have not succeeded in that," said prof. Webster.

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