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THIS SAFE HAS KNOWN: And LEK is lilac, this is how it can help! | Fun

This is a very popular plant in homeopathy, and is often used to treat rheumatic diseases, and especially nervous anxiety. It is also useful for the treatment of digestive problems, such as diarrhea.

Bark and shellfish shells are used for malaria treatment, and it is reversible malaria with symptoms of fever followed by shaking and high temperatures.

Leaves are used to treat fever and mouth disease in children, congestion of the liver (inflammation of the blood into soft tissue), digestive disorders such as intestines (poor digestion and intestinal disposal, diarrhea), in the case of respiratory tract (coughing, bronchitis) increase in body temperature , kidney stones, high blood pressure.

Photo: Profimedia
Photo: Profimedia

The flowers are used for the treatment of skin diseases such as rashes, burns (cooking leaves until the water is blackened, so that tea is used for coatings), cuts, scratches and various skin impurities, especially on the face (flowers are cooked in milk and wearing a layer of face), gastrointestinal disorders and respiratory problems (coughing, bronchitis), such as constipation or inflammation, eye complaints (glaucoma – eye care), etc.

Lilac flowers are known as traditional medicines for massage and rheumatoid medicine. In aromatherapy it is used for emotional and spiritual balance and to strengthen the sensuality of depression.

Photo: Profimedia
Photo: Profimedia



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