The taxi driver in front of the government, the traffic stopped


Taxi drivers protest in downtown Belgrade, because, as they say, dissatisfaction with the conditions in which they work. The main reason for protest is that the country allows the work of the CarGo application in Belgrade.

About 20 vehicles of taxi drivers stop traffic tonight in the Serbian Government building.

Taxis said they were not satisfied with the conditions in which they worked and that their main reason for this protest was that the country allowed the implementation of CarGo to operate in Belgrade.

Taxi protests, taxi drivers protest, protest, taxi, blockadeSource: Tanjug / Filip Karincanic

They stated that they did not oppose this application, but were opposed to doing their work, and wanted to protect their profession.

But most taxi companies stated that they did not support this type of protest.

This was confirmed by the N1 Taxi Room, stating that it did not support this kind of protest and that the individual had decided at this step.

The protest was followed by N1 journalist Marija Komazec:


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