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The statement of Vladan Milojević after Napoli – Crvena zvezda 3: 1: We played for this part!

Crvena Zvezda returned to the "empty hand" of Naples (3: 1), but was far from the reason for dissatisfaction, especially after the second half was very good.

In the RTS statement after the match, Vladan Milojević He showed that he had many dilemmas about composition due to the absence of several players (Jovičić, Jovančić, Boaći, Čaušić, Stojković), but ultimately decided to give the most competent opportunity, guarding the injured force for the end of the year.

"We have personnel problems, especially with the organization in the first part, and of course my expectations are higher than what I need …"Milojević sincerely acknowledged.


"We played the second half to play. Napoli are fantastic, and I have a dilemma and I don't want to risk playing with players … It is important for us to have a little Joveljic, a future ahead of him, and all the changes we do help us. Somewhere we corrected the impression from the first part and we had some polish where we could be better, but this is Naples. "

"With Liverpool, this is probably our best round in the Champions League."

He showed that Dusan Jovancic only did one practice before the match, so he did not want to take risks, so Slavoljub Srnić played in midfield.


"Fans are one of the best parts of our group, they mean a lot to us, we have done so many good things, and they have a very big role in all of this." They are very good, everywhere in Naples there are many of our fans from all over the country and I want them. Again, we have shown that we are not exactly like other Europeans who want to show us. You see what is happening, far worse. I am sorry we did not have the opportunity to get their help in Paris and Liverpool. Thank you very much to them. "

"You have seen two players change the course of the match. It's interesting, Jovancic wants to play from the start and it gives me luck to train people like that. Pavkov wants to, but we don't want to take risks because we have a lot of matches ahead of us. It turned out well, "Milojevic said and commented on the next match against the Parisians.

"We played in front of our fans, to move forward (in the second phase of the Europa League). I hope many players will come back to us. We will play what our fans expect. "

On December 11, the star needed a victory against PSG, with Liverpool's defeat against Napoli.

And who is the favorite to go in the Champions League?

"To be as simple and honest as possible, anyone who deserves is truly worthy. The three teams have equal quality," Milojevic said.

Will Milojevic have a problem motivating Paris Saint-Germain players?

"There is nothing I have to say specifically, this is the Champions League, we are not in it at 27. The stadium will be full, because until now, the atmosphere is hot, there is no use for some motivation. This is quite a lot, we have many motives for PSG ", Milojevic said and then talked about the problem on the left side.

"We knew that the left side was with Rui and Ruiz in interstice, and we didn't solve the problem correctly, we had a problem we faced in Hamshik and Alan's small diagonal, we couldn't put pressure on them both, and after that change all seemed much different, "Milojevic said, adding that his team had little problem in managing the game.

"I don't think there is a surprise, we cannot adapt to this style of play, but we are talking about a phenomenal, quality Napoli team in any case."

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