"Dear parents of children who have no cancer: This is what happened to my child during chemotherapy because accidentally there was a shop that was accidentally exposed to goddesses.

1. He was quarantined for a month. As if it wasn't difficult enough for him to undergo chemotherapy at the age of eight. Add that inability to leave home.

2. When we come to pediatric / oncology, they have to dispose of other patients and close the room until they find details of their exposure. This has disrupted the care of other children with cancer.


VaccinationPhoto: Profimedia

3. The room where it should be closed and cleaned, making it impossible for other children to use it.

4. During the summer, the house must wear a mask on his face. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but imagine that you are eight years old, you are bald, have bones, you have no eyebrows and eyelashes, and you still have to wear a face mask in public.

5. It should receive an injection that will encourage the development of white blood cells, after which there will be severe pain in the bone. Fortunately, the number of white blood cells in it is quite high, so it doesn't have to go through it.


OncologyPhoto: Profimedia

6. Our oncologists must spend a lot of time consulting infectious workers to understand what they have to do for them and for other children that day at the clinic. I cried with relief when they told me that no child should accept this painful therapy.

We are fortunate that there is a year so he does not drop out of school He had spent three months when we started chemotherapy. He will suffer that he must lose others. Please vaccinate your children. And you are vaccinated against flu. Do it because love for children is an important immunity because their immunity is not functioning properly, "he wrote.