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The legendary Pepper Niva entered mass production after a successful "face lift"

Pepper 4h4 will get a new exterior look and a truly original interior design as part of the announced facelift. In terms of technical characteristics, they remain unchanged.

In September 2019, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper reported that the design of a new off-road vehicle, previously named Lada Niva (since 2006, Lada 4h4), was being prepared. Now, some details have been announced.

According to the portal, a number of newly redesigned Lada 4×4 pre-production vehicles have been assembled this week. It was also stated that the new plastic interior already had a display intended for batch production.

The exterior will feature a new bumper, with fog lights built in the front. Body details, headlights and other lights will not change.

As for the interior, the new dashboard, steering wheel, combination of instruments (similar to the Granta FL model), middle tunnel, different interior doors, different shapes with headrests on the rear seats, layered ceilings and Russian rapid response systems are expected to crash ÉRA- GLONASS. In addition, there will be no antennas on the roof, new, more modern gaskets, modern air conditioners will be installed, and the construction of heating systems will also be changed.

According to preliminary data, serial production of Lada 4×4 FL will begin in December this year. Sales of the redesigned model will begin in January-February next year.

Otherwise, the production deadline for the classic 4×4 Lada has been extended to 2026. The new generation of Lada 4×4 NG off-road vehicles will appear as early as 2021-2022. The next generation L4 4×4 will be built on the Global Access platform (evolution B0) from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

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