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THE FIRST STEP TO IMMORTALITY: Elon Musk is looking for an expert to work on a chip to connect the brain to a computer!


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Namely, the company owned Ilona’s mask later announced that they had created a robot that could integrate implants to interact with computers deep into the human brain.

The latest news suggests that the chip is not ready yet, as the company is looking for an additional expert who will work on it. Neuralink has been working for several years BMI (brain machine interface), which the human brain can connect to the computer. Technology will take precedence, the company claims Neuralink, should serve to restore mobility, sight, and the ability to speak and hear for those who lost them, while Elon Musk, on the other hand, argues that connecting the brain to a computer will be the only way to keep pace with the development of artificial intelligence. That way, technology that is considered medicine could be something much stronger, he reports PC Press.

In August, Musk released a new design for Neuralink chip, which gets its name ‘Link’, and it can be seen that this is a coin-sized device, designed to plug into the brain and stimulate neurons. There is already talk that this chip could be used in the future to “call” Tesla vehicles with just a thought, and to play video games without the need for a joystick.

Those who enrich themselves with this chip will be able, as in a science fiction series, to record and release memories, so that the word “memory” can take on a whole new meaning. In the end, those memories can be sent to the robots, which will be the first steps towards immortality.

The company is currently looking for a new technician to work with Link chips, and competitions have been announced for various positions.

Neuralink Ilon Mask chipping people and pigs video (MobIT)
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