Republicans / Animals on antidepressants have offended scientists!


Victims of poultry pharmaceutical products

A team of scientists, led by researchers at Monas University, analyzed insects and spiders found in six streams in the city and found traces of 98 percent of various types of pharmaceutical products.

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Scientists have found 69 types of insect medicines and 66 spiders. Scientists have explained that drugs are transmitted through the food chain. Insects eat spiders, and they are food for strange bloodstains, the Guardian wrote.

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Drugs flow into the river through a wastewater treatment plant that fails to eliminate all harmful substances consumed by humans. Some come through septic tanks or water pipes and drain pipes.

Water from rivers and rivers around Melbourne, even from people with very little waste, contains "a whole cocktail of medicines," the researchers said, not hiding that they were unpleasantly surprised.

"Antidepressants are drugs that were originally intended to relieve depression in people whose symptoms are depression, squinting, sadness, despair, despair and lack of energy," said Michael Grays, one of the study's authors.

This is the first study in the world to show that there are a number of pharmaceutical substances in the food chain and some animals can be exposed to a half daily dose of antidepressants prescribed for humans, said study manager Erin Richmond.

– Research has shown that many traceable drugs are stored in water bodies of invertebrates, but also in creeks from where they are thrown into the surrounding terrestrial areas. Spiders, birds, bats are consumed here. – Richmond explained.

The results of research by scientists at Monash University in Melbourne have been published in the journal Nature Communications.


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