Saturday , May 8 2021

Politika Online – Ivana Vujic leads the National Theater

In the session yesterday, the Government of the Republic of Serbia brushed aside Dejan Savic, director of the National Theater in Belgrade, at personal request. For new v d. the director was appointed director Ivana Vujić, professor at the Drama Arts Faculty in Belgrade. This is a one-month crisis epilogue at the national theater, which marks its 150th birthday tomorrow.

– Being at the head of the National Theater in Belgrade, one of the biggest cultural institutions, is a great honor for me, but also the obligation and duty to be part of this team. The National Theater is our best set of artists – drama, opera, ballet … I believe that this is a real home that has the power to make changes and move in an artistic manner both among players and in the audience – said Ivana Vujic for "Politika" and the answer is the first administrative step considering the problems accumulated in the ensemble:

– I don't know that it's easy at any time in the theater. Making drama is not easy. This is serious work. Of course, my luck is that I will be surrounded by talented people, capable, who and how you are in the national theater. It is very important that the house starts working normally, that people return to their roles, gifts, and development. We will work together tomorrow for all the celebrations of the National Theater in Belgrade, which has a tradition of 150 years. Marking important dates like that will continue throughout the year, because this cultural home deserves it. This is our duty, but also the honor that we are part of the history of the institution that is so important.

Even the disturbances at the National Theater in Belgrade began more than a month ago. More precisely, after the dismissal of Zeljko Hubac, v. d. the ensemble director of Drama, who after four years of successful work, Dejan Savic, the first person from the National Theater in Belgrade, thanked him for his cooperation, two days after the interview published in Politika. Such a move by Dejan Savic came to a sharp reaction from cultural societies, both domestically and in the region. The artists and members of the Drama ensemble, expressing their protest because of the new situation at the press conference held three days later, went further, demanding Savić's shift. A few days later, a letter was sent by Singlus union representatives, who also requested Savić's dismissal "due to lack of work, much negligence in manager's behavior, National Theater reputation", and "resulting in" great dissatisfaction among union members and other employees National Theater … ", and then on November 8, a strike was held, because Dejan Savić did not resign at the deadline as National Administrator g theater. Members of" Singlus "announced a new strike, which will begin on November 22, on the day the national theater marked its existence and existence. At the end of last week, Aleksandar Gatalica resigned as chairman of the National Theater Council in Belgrade, and two days ago a letter was announced by the National Theater Opera Orchestra in Belgrade with the intention of drawing public attention to the problems faced daily work, from ten years.

Through the longevity of the National Theater, the history of the Serbs was also written. Completing turbulent historic events, the National Theater in Belgrade, led by Jovan Djordjevic, Djordje Miletic, Branislav Nusic, Milan Grol, Milan Predic, holding teeth from a period of 150 years.

After more efforts, since 1842, to establish a permanent professional theater in Belgrade, in 1868, the National Theater in Belgrade was founded. First show, "Đurađ Branković " Carolyn Obernyak, held, on the new calendar, on November 22, 1868, at "With the Queen of England ", which is the temporary home of the National Theater for next year. After the establishment of the National Theater, Prince Mihailo Obrenovic and the State Council determined the new location for the theater: the former Turkish plot near the Stambol Gate. The Prince renewed the provision of annexes, adding five thousand dukats. Unfortunately, he did not wait for the start of work, because he was killed on June 3, 1868, and the capstone was laid by Prince Milan. In the spring of 1868, offers for work were arranged, and work was given to E. Steinlehner. Development is done very quickly. Earthwork began on May 29, and the foundation stone was laid on August 18, 1868.

The construction of a national theater was put under the roof in January 1869, and the first performance in the new building, in the hall with 800 seats, was held on October 30, according to the old calendar, the same year.

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