Politics Online – "Monsanto" eats a new boss


A new test for "Bayer" is the knowledge that authorizations for the use of pesticides in the European Union are issued based on studies commissioned by manufacturers, and not by independent experts. Crowds of people are convinced that their mistakes have cancer, but that hasn't been confirmed. However, it is certain that "Monsanto" poisoned his new boss.

Since buying the company last year due to massive suspicion of producing carcinogenic pesticides, the German pharmaceutical giant "Bayer" has been pressured by lawsuits from former "Monsanto" customers and consequently a loss of investor confidence. "Bajer" blows can only be investigated on the basis of the European Parliament's (EP) opinion that agreements for controversial use of "Monsanto" pesticides in the European Union are issued by exceptionally ordered studies commissioned by industry for their safety, rather than consulting independently of experts

A group of EP deputies from various political blocs concluded that the German Federal Risk Assessment Institute (BfR) approximately half of its chapter, which is the basis for glyphosfat licensing in the EU, mostly moved the text from studying "Monsanto". Thanks to these allegations signed by BfR, the EU Food Safety Authority (Efsa) recommended that glyphosphate be used in the Union region.

The European Parliament questioning BfR's work in this case considers German institutions to pretend to carry out independent assessments, while in reality it only repeats what the industry wants to hear. Molly Scott Keith, Greens, believes this explains the difference between BfR's decision and the views of the World Health Organization that glyphosphate is "possibly carcinogenic to humans."

According to EFSE, the Guardian reports that the MP report does not contain "new scientific information that questions the glyphosphate assessment and its conclusions." BfR rejected the idea that it was "deliberate deception" and claimed that its people examined citations from the Monsanto study before selecting paragraphs from the articles to put it in their possession. Is it true that, as they claim in BfR, "ordinary procedures" are not understood in the survey, or because there is an unlawful relationship between the industry and certain supervisory institutions, it is also determined when the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates 63% by the study which is not published by chemical plants, while the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization relies exclusively on officially available literature.

We will see whether the suspicious voices of the EP deputies will lead to more concrete consequences for "Monsanto", even more difficult than, according to Reuters, the French court in Lyon has just taken permission to use one of the pesticides based on glyphosate, assuming they are not considered taking all the health risks it carries. French President Emanuel Macron has previously promised that glyphosate products will be released from their use in the country in the next three years.

And without further complications, the new boss "Monsanto" – "Bayer" will go through one of the most difficult situations in its history for 155 years for this purchase, write "Spiegel". For "Monsanto", "Bayer" paid $ 63 billion, which is the most expensive purchase in German business history. It was returned to him by losing about half of this amount in the market value of his shares for this year. Thousands of farmers, that is, because "Monsanto" filed a lawsuit against "Bayer", and investors are now avoiding their shares because they consider it very risky. This could harm German companies more than compensation for lost litigation. According to the first such assessment, last August, Divein Li Jonson, who claimed to have cancer of glyphosate pesticides due to cancer, owed $ 289 million. Fortunately, "Bajer", the second level decision dropped the compensation amount to 78 million dollars. This is still large, but the real danger for Bayer is that a series of similar court decisions followed, after which investors even dared to do anything with him.


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