Saturday , July 24 2021

(PHOTO) I READ WITH KIEV, A LUNA … Sloba opened his soul, so he told OVO to the first!

The most watched program by a celebrity team accidentally met Radanovic on the streets of Belgrade, and the first thought was that Sloba did not go to Kiev, but his car stopped in front of the club where he performed that night.

Career brilliance is here, but what happened to the emotional life of Slobodan Radanovic is the first question that the singer received from this event's journalist.

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– There is love, so it's not there, so there really is, but it's not there, but most don't exist. Now I am basically based on songs and on the spot. I have devoted myself to this and have invested a lot of time and effort. And I don't ask for love, it will come by itself – Sloba said.

The new song by Slobodan Radanovic came out in a few days, and in the continuation of the conversation, the singer has discovered whether his ex-wife, Kristina Kockar, took part in everything she did in the last days.

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– He heard some recording demos, but he didn't hear the song. He likes it. We have heard about the last seven days. I am interested in how he is, how everything works through surgery. I was very interested in this, I called to ask – He talked about Sloba about Kia.

Kia and Sloba spent their music careers, while Luna Djogani is currently in the "Cooperative 2" program, where she regularly talks about singers, she often cries and doesn't hide her emotions. How do you comment on this?

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– I really don't know … I was a little disappointed with the type of guy I left when I learned that he was a Roman citizen. It's horrible! I will not comment on that, whatever I say, it is interpreted incorrectly, it turns out that if I attack or defend it, it will always be possible for someone to find anger. I want the best and overcome difficult times as soon as possible – Sloba said.

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Let us remind you, on this day, exactly one year ago, in the first season, the most watched program in our area, "Cooperative", was included by Kristina Kockar, and how everything was seen and how Sloba and Luna responded, you can see by clicking the link located below this text.


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