Mostly bright and windy – JMU Radio-Television of Vojvodina


Weak and moderate winds, in the south and southeast, in the sunbathing area and strong, south of Banat, sometimes with storms, at the end of the day and during weakening, the Republic of the Hydrometeorological Institute announced.

sunset, sunset

Morning temperatures from zero, southeast to 11 degrees in the sunbathing area, and the highest daily from 17 to 20 C, in the east around 14 C.

In Novi Sad, the sun will be dominated and windy with moderate and strong southeast winds, which will weaken at the end of the day and at night. The morning temperature is around 10 C, the highest every day around 19 C.

According to estimates over the next seven days, in Serbia, in the morning, in valleys and river valleys, misty fog can be estimated.

During the day, it will be very bright, only on Thursday in the southwest, and on Sunday in northern Serbia, it will pass moderate moderate clouds, sometimes with short rain it may be short. The maximum temperature is above average, in most places from 15 to 20 C, at the end of the period in a slight decrease.


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