It treats anemia, regulates blood pressure and strengthens immunity: Make this beet juice and shoot from health! (ACCEPTED) Beautiful & healthy


His wealth in the form of minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins makes him a healthy and frequent food. Too, It's rich in vitamin B12and also contains small amounts of cobalt.

This positively affects the health of organisms in nurseries and children.

Flowers are prepared and consumed easily, and are usually cooked or sour. These are often eaten raw, especially rhubarb, in addition to salads.

It has long been known as a medicinal herb that has been used in households as well as in modern medicine. The basic application of Beetroot is in tumor suppression and leukemia treatment. This is then used in the treatment of malaria, acute fibrosis and influenza in the early stages. Regulates low blood pressure, affects the nerves and brain work, and stimulates the operation of the stomach, intestines and bile.

Flowers abundant in vitamins A, C and B and iron, copper, magnesium and potassium. He is known for its beneficial effects on the heart, blood vessels, liver and the entire digestive system, and as a natural remedy to fight cancer.

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Medicinal properties of beets:

  • improve liver function
  • increase hemoglobin level
  • reduce inflammation
  • Helps prevent cancer
  • detoxify the body
  • Prevent dementia
  • lower blood pressure
  • cure arthritis
  • protect the body from free radicals
  • strengthen immunity

Combination with other foods

Combined with celery and carrots, this beetle is even healthier. Sodium chloride (so) increases blood pressure, but natural sodium celery does not work to increase, on the contrary, it lowers pressure. You can only drink juice from celery, and you can mix it with carrots and beets.


  • In a blender Drain 3 celery sheets and one less carrot
  • Add beet juice gradually in this combination

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Another very healthy drink for detoxification and strengthening of organisms prepared with the following recipes:

  • Add the beetroot blender, two carrots, gingerbread, two apples and one spoonful of honey, and enjoy delicious and healthy juices.

His health is raw

Many boiled beers are the best, but the healthiest is if not thermally treated. With a heat treatment of more than 15 minutes, he loses nutritional value, and not many of them.

Besides vitamin C contains a line of vitamin B12, and almost all minerals – calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, fluoride, manganese, copper, iodine, sulfur …

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Along the roots, the leaves are eaten

We are used to using only the red part of the beetroot, or root, in today's diet. The most healthy are, but you also should not ignore green leaves. That is, Leafy bits contain beta-carotene, calcium and ironso that it can be prepared in the same way as shrimp or spinach.

Once before, there were only leaves, and the roots, because of the possibility of storage, were used exclusively as medicine.

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Nutritional value in 100 g bits:

  • Kcal energy value: 36
  • Total carbohydrates g: 7
  • Protein g: 2
  • Dietary fiber g: 2.6
  • Vitamin B1 mg: 0.02
  • Vitamin B2 mg: 0.03
  • Vitamin B3 mg: 0.1
  • Vitamin B6 mg: 0.04
  • Vitamin C mg: 2
  • Phosphorus mg: 40
  • Sodium mg: 100
  • Calcium mg: 30
  • Potassium mg: 400
  • Iron Mg: 1
  • Water g: 89

Daily input amount

Even though it's very healthy, with beetles, like anything, Do not exaggerate. Excessive intake can cause the deposition of harmful metals in the body. It can also be dangerous for people with weak kidneys, because flowers contain oxalate, which can form kidney stones.

One deciliter (ie, half a glass) of beetroot every day is enough to realize all the benefits.

Urine or a darker chair after consuming beets should not worry you. This is a common phenomenon because the unsuccessful beta pigment completely breaks into the body.

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