Is it healthier to be vegan: Doctors are "pleasantly surprised" by the experiment


In recent years, interest in vegan food has increased rapidly, mainly due to concerns about health, animals and the environment.

Therefore vegans don't eat meat, fish, or anything that comes from animals – for example, eggs or dairy products.

But how difficult is it to work and does it bring a healthier life?

In the last episode of the English series, Trust Me I & # 39; m A Doctor, Dr. Zhil Jeo decided to be vegan for a month and see how it would affect him.

When he discovered, one of the unfortunate things was the ban on the consumption of many products that sounded like nothing to do with animals, the BBC wrote in Serbian.

Eggs, cheese and meat are prohibited for obvious reasons, but also mayonnaise, some pasta and wine – some alcoholic beverages are fed fish bones or animal protein during production.

In addition, one of the main challenges is to consume all the vitamins and essential ingredients needed for a healthy life.


For example, because of a vegan child, there might be a risk of vitamin D deficiency needed for healthy bones.

Vegan doesn't drink milk, so in return they have to use some types of soy milk, rice milk, organic orange juice, and breakfast cereals.

However, they may have to use supplements to introduce enough vitamin D into the body.

In addition, the problem is the lack of iodine, especially for girls.

Cow's milk is the main source of iodine, and all alternatives are not good enough on this issue. Iodine can be obtained from algae, but supplements may also be needed.

Another major concern is vitamin B12.

You will not find it in seeds, hazelnuts or vegetables, so vegans and vegetarians must use breakfast cereals and nutritious yeast.

Will Veganism Make You Healthier?

The latest study, which uses results from 10 previous studies – where scientists compared the health of veganatians, vegans and those who ate meat – said they would do it.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that there is a significantly lower rate of heart disease and the possibility of cancer in vegans and vegetarians, although there is no difference in total mortality.

In other words, being vegetarian or vegan is generally associated with a healthy life, but that does not mean living longer.

Research that scientifically confirms that vegans live longer will be very difficult to do.

It takes a large group of people who will randomly be divided into those who will become vegans and those who will eat meat, and years later to see the results.

Instead, scientists only compare vegans with those who eat meat and ask for differences.

Because vegan cares more about a healthy life, it is possible that differences in health have nothing to do with the diet itself.

How does Dr. Jeo succeeded?

After one month of veganism, he lost four pounds, and cholesterol dropped 12 percent.

And will it continue?

"I was surprised," he said.

"Even though I don't plan to become fully veganism, from now on I will have at least a few days a month."

"I have to admit that I was afraid that I would be vegan for a month, but when I learned a few recipes, I was good and actually enjoyed it."

"For me, the key is not to cook a vegan food version that I should eat with meat, but to use recipes made for vegan alone."

"What I miss most is eggs, and I hope that the meat is far more lost."

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