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IPhone camera model for 2020

We have seen what has leaked out of information about the iPhone 11, and now the source reveals the characteristics of the model for 2020!

IPhone 11 "Procureo": Two things will surprise you

Apple has sent its production partners a request to prepare components for ToF cameras for the coming year, reports MacRumors.

What is a ToF camera and why do you need it

Cellphones in 2020 must have the last 3D ToF camera that will bring the AR user experience to the highest level.

"Bloomberg" said the last camera next year would be able to scan space up to 4.6 meters the distance from the device, which is a big change compared to TrueDepth cameras currently with a range of 25-50 centimeters.

Apple is suspected of having a "two years" advantage over competitors in terms of 3D sensor technology, and it is possible that the supplier is Sony in 2020.

The camera will work with VCSEL lasers, which are key components of several Apple functions such as the Face ID, Portrait mode, and the introduction of the proximity of the AirPods headphones.

This laser, which is used in ToF technology, will measure how long the laser beam needs to "reject" the object and thus model the 3D view of the environment.

Next year, the iPhone will have a chip 5nm, unlike this year's 7nm A14 chipset construction.

If you are interested in why this technology, when available, is not in the plan This year model, Ming-Chi Kuo analysts revealed that Apple "hid" 5G connectivity, AR glasses and a stronger Apple Maps database.

Next year, the iPhone will also have a 5nm chip, unlike this year's A14 7nm chipset.

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