Humska Stadium is ours!


Partizan's Great Victory: Humska Stadium is ours!

The story is over. Partizan's Partizan Stadium!

Over the years, legal bugs have occurred in connection with ownership of facilities at Humska 1, however, today's final dilemma has been divorced.
"Partizan's Board of Directors received the honor and pleasure of announcing to the Serbian sports public that from this day the Partizan Stadium remained the property of JSD Partizan", They publish black and white.

The clash between Partizan and the state dates back to 1989, when the first person from the army, the federal secretary for national defense, was general Veljko Kadijevic, signed an action in accordance with the regulations in force at that time, on the basis of which the agreement on the transfer of rights to use real estate was made free. A year later, the lawsuit was filed to "determine nullity and non-reproduction of the legal effect of the contract for the transfer of rights to be used on socially owned real estate without compensation".

Then, in 1997, the country launched a black and white dispute, court courtesy followed, and today the official victory of the team from Humska 1, led by Vice President Prof. Dr. Vladimir Vuletić.
"With the decision of the Court of Appeals in Belgrade, the decision of the September 7, 2017 High Court was reversed and all prosecutors' demands were rejected because they were baseless. After a complex multi-year dispute and a highly demanding legal court, initiated by JSD Partizan, then Minister of Defense, Dragan Sutanovac and former authority, worked together and refrained from our legal team, Partizan administration and JSD Partizan administration, which was large, historically , legal victory"

Remember, the transfer contract, from the time of the former Yugoslavia, refers to the football club stadium, rowing club, volleyball and basketball court in Kalemegdan. On another occasion, the Second City Court in Belgrade, on July 8, 2009 issued a temporary measure that imposed a ban on Partizan for the disposal and transfer of all facilities mentioned until the legal settlement of the litigation procedure. The threat hovers over Topčiderska brda, and then …
"Partizan's management, as one of its main objectives, on October 24, 2016, at the Extraordinary Electoral Assembly, declared victory in this complex legal process and the return of endangered property above the stadium. The battle, as has happened since a long time, is justice , and even if the world has failed, knowing that law and justice are on our side, they are convinced that people in the past cannot endanger the rule of law with inappropriate intentions, we managed to leave the factory behind us amanet property of all facilities transferred to JSD Partizan on April 19, 1990 without fees, by the Agreement on the transfer of rights to use immovable property on socially owned property"

Instead of the conclusion …
"Partizan's Board of Directors expresses special thanks for understanding and supporting our overall efforts to the current government authorities, whose contribution to this historic moment is immeasurable", Reading black and white press releases.

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