Wednesday , August 4 2021

He is attractive, smart … Luna admits that he will relate to David (VIDEO) | Telegraph

Đogani opened his soul to Ognjen Amidžić

Luna Djogani, David Dragojević

Luna Đogani spoke with Ognjen Amidžić about the current affairs in the "Cooperative". At one point, blogger touched on the relationship between David and Alexander, and discovered whether he would be in contact with Dragojevic.

– I use the marquee label. I have loved David and Alexander, they are good people. They have a problem in their relationship, but they will solve it. David is attractive, intelligent, and resembles my colleagues outside. I believe in male-female friendship. Aleksandra and I have never had a better relationship. David is not my type of man. Physically, he is not my type. And if it's not there, I won't be Alexander with David. Their relationship will last, I think they will do it, "Luna said.

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