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From Podgorica came to Belgrade to study, and then the ill-fated night revealed the terrible motives of the Montenegrin young man


11/29/2018. 8:47

Montenegro citizen D.B. (20), who on Monday was seriously injured in a criminal robbery in Belgrade – still struggling for life. According to unofficial information, bullets remain in the head and medical predictions are still uncertain. His parents are still prohibited from seeing him.

Drago B.

D.B., Photos: screenshots / Facebook

This Podgoricanin was hit with several shots on Monday around 19 o'clock, outside kindergartens in Bežanijska kosa in New Belgrade. According to some information provided by eyewitnesses, he stood up and "as if someone was waiting".

– Dark cars, like "fiat punt", suddenly appear. Suddenly filming began and the young man fell. There were many people on the road, who began to flee and escape. There are many people who carry pets. They all fled, "said the source.

However, several sources stated that at the time of the attack, Bozovic was standing with his best friend, which police had been intensively searching for since Monday.

A Bozovic who was seriously injured, an ambulance, was transferred to the Zemun hospital, and his parents were still not allowed to visit their son.

The place where the shooting took place

Shooting, Photo: Photo: Printskrin / RTV Mag

The police conducted a check-up for several hours, and statements from eyewitnesses and tenants of the surrounding buildings were taken, saying that Božović was part of the team gathered at the cafe. Regardless of the description of the car from which the fire burst was opened, no one could say anything more.

Police on the scene confirmed that young Podgoricin was linked to illegal drug trafficking and was arrested several times for drug abuse. The new operational findings state that for this reason he also came to Belgrade. His movements are clearly known by Belgrade criminals, who, he should have "entered into" the area.

According to unofficial information, Bozovic is in a relationship with a high level member of the mafia clan from Podgorica. Allegedly Bozovic is a courier from this criminal group, whose main business is narcotics smuggling.

Study as a wall

Bozovic lives in Bežanijska Kosa not far from where he was made.

– He is registered, he does not live illegally. Apparently, he studied. However, it is the closing for narcotics smuggling. This is the first doubt. The investigation is still ongoing – opponents talk Novosti explore.

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