Five million passengers a month earlier than 2017.


"Almost a month earlier than last year," Nikola Tesla "The airport today serves 5 million passengers on the departure flight of the national Air Serbia airline JU654 for Moscow, which produced another record from Belgrade airport in the most successful year in history. the airport said in a statement.

It was also added that the first seven days of November "finished with 9.1 percent passenger growth and at the end of the year an estimated 5.8 to 6 million passengers will use airport services, which will set a new annual record. Passengers using Aerodrome services" Nikola Tesla " .

Belgrade Airport in the first 10 months of 2018 experienced an increase in the number of passengers as much as six percent, and the turnover of goods and letters increased 15 percent compared to the same period last year.

"Continuous investment in infrastructure, passenger receiving and shipping capacity at Nikola Tesla Airport has increased from around 5.5 million to around 7.5 million passengers per year. In the modernization and development of Nikola Tesla Airport, around 70 million euros are invested. Five-year investment cycle finished, "the statement added.


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