Wednesday , August 4 2021

Djokovic plays the best in his career!

Anderson: Djokovic plays the best in his career!

Great party, but above all the extraordinary levels of tennis shown Novak Djokovic in the past few months they have left the world of white sports literally without words. One of the most common "victims" in the second part of 2018, Kevin Anderson after last night's big defeat in the final semifinals gave some truth.

"Novak doesn't leave you one way out in matches, not to find you a solution to field problems, it keeps you focused all the time, and everything works exactly what you need." When I saw what he did in the past week, there was no doubt that in the top edition everything he achieved was extraordinary, " only a South African man who failed to find a way to break Serbia and even his rumbling service, "Never, for example, I can't imagine being so dominant in LINK services like last month. I think he is currently playing the best career tennis."

Next opponent Djokovic, Alexander Zverev, apparently a worthy successor to the "Big Three" was aware of what was expected of him tonight at 19 at the O2 Arena in London. And he thinks that our game is amazing and no one has a solution for the game. The aim is to do the best and ensure that it will not be in the top edition.

"Novak is the best in the world and plays great tennis. You have to play the best you know if you have the chance, but whatever it is, I will be ready." The 21-year-old Abu from Hamabur is clear

Brad Gilbert, a former tennis player, but most important is a successful coach Andrea Agassi which he returned from position 14 to first place in 1999, convinced that this Novak would only be disrupted and that 2019 was the year.

"I think Novak is waiting for extraordinary 2019! Everything reminded me of Agassi when they won Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open in 1999. I saw Novak as Australian wrestling, and then suddenly in the presence of" Djoker Sleme "who new (he thought of four consecutive 2015 Grand Slam titles). I am sure it will continue to dominate. The journey has begun passionately and does not intend to stop! "

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