Thursday , January 21 2021

Dara Bubamara: Karleusa and I have a top duo, Maja Berovic is a wonderful girl |

Singer Dara Bubamara The last Sunday filled the news column for singles All Inclusivebut also quarreled with Vlad Georgiev, where he once worked together.

In a good interview for The Council, Bubamara revealed when he was born split between that and the government and what is the reason for the frequent attacks.

"Vlado was a worker at the Mark Kong studio when I allowed him to bring me a song. Then he, like, stuck to the songs, and in the TLZP performance I had my attitude that I was a big Vlado and gave me some strange comments. Then I dropped it on the ground and said: "Brother, do you remember when you did my song, when I let you be by my side?" Since then, hatred began on his side. I just don't know where his courage to comment on a woman like because I work so much in my career, I am at number one trend … Vlado is a classic loser and drunk, I don't know when he hits a hit. I just don't know where the bravery of alcohol can bring me to my mouth, " Bubamara is honest, who is currently preparing a new album, and will sing in one song with sound – Jelena Karleusa.

"I have crazy energy and I will not stop. I announce new images, songs, and duets with Karleusa," say and explain: "Only when I say we're both in a duet – it's booming, but imagine that place! Everyone will fall from jealousy. We have good songs, and that will be a very good place."

Bubamara also supports concerts Maja Berovic at the Arena. Even though he did not show up, his colleagues congratulated him on his success.

"Maya is a wonderful girl, and I gave her support because of her and me too. When I needed to have a concert at the Arena, she moved it. She told me," Come on, Daro, you do it now, I won't, I will see that I was doing a concert somewhere in October. "She's a really right girl, and unlike other singers, Maja respects me. She has made some progress in a short time, and she seems to work for her and her appearance. guilty of not attending a concert, but I am in Kosovo, I work all weekend, " Dara said, while on the other hand there were no good words for Majin's colleagues, Bubu Corelli i You too.

"They are bored with more bugs, honey, I will not talk much about them, they are irrelevant," short is Bubamara.

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