Saturday , May 8 2021

Cooperative 2: The moon responds to Mika! He doesn't need this! (VIDEO) – Reality & TV Shows – Cooperatives – News

Even though Luna Djogani did not know what would happen tonight, that Sloba would enter the "Cooperative 2" series, a discussion about their love began last night at the White House. Miki Đuričić explains:

"While everyone here, participants and reporters, urged Slob and Luna to admit that they were in love, I was the only one who said they were just friends. When they admitted it, I supported their love because I thought it was normal to support feelings And all of you who have tried to admit it, you immediately start making it! Now, now that doesn't work, that's another thing. "

Lepi Mica said that Luna was wrong because she listened to people who supported love with Radanovic, who was wrong and didn't listen, who told her to make a mistake. He claimed that he was his friend, not those who supported his relationship. Miki Djuricic He then reminded him that he did not want to tell everyone that they were Filip Đukić i Kia Gambler having sex in a hotel toilet, even though he knew very well that this had happened.

Luna ironically answered:

"Yes, you are my friend when you blackmail me on that and say that I am a" patchy kcerir "and" Slobina j * bebek ".

See what they say and why Milan interrupted them.

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