BRUKA! Zerina confessed to Erwin that he liked him, he refused, and then Bane pushed him! Wages, he can't come alone (VIDEO)



11/28/2018. 09:38

Zerina Hećo

Zerina Hećo, Photo: Printscreen Youtube

Zerina Hećo i Bane Colak has been in crisis for weeks, and since Ervin entered rivals, general chaos emerged. Zerina relaxed a little longer at the party, and she flirted openly with Ervin and admitted how much she liked it.

They were alone and talked for a long time, and Zerina had a need to tell everything.

"I am three months bad and suddenly you come and I suddenly change, you change my mind a little, I am a little moody, I am happy. I am not balavica, I have a marriage and a small child, I think this is the second time I have this happened, "Zerina began.

"What is that? How do you define it," Ervin asked.

"Come in, you will come back to me, someone who lowered me a little in that sense … I feel like a penis and that's what I asked you about that Ervin, I don't know why I asked you this. Since you appeared, I acted like that I've done it before. I'm this strange mother to me. I don't know how to hide some kind of war. I don't know how to define something, "Zerina was confused, and then she continued:

"I can't tell you what I feel, I ask, but that's why I have to ask if you are playing with someone. Do you notice that I am paying attention to you? I came here with someone and I am so ugly that this is I know if you are the reason for my mood, "Hoco said.

Zerina Hećo

Zerina Hećo, Photo: Printscreen Youtube

"I don't know a man or name, I only have three days, I only meet girls … I see that person, I know it's difficult for boys, Tell me what you feel, I don't understand you, you always people who can tell everything. I am with the story that I play. I am happy if you feel comfortable with me, "commented Ervin.

"You have regenerated me. I told you that I felt good beside you, and I was interested in whether anyone was interested in you," said Zerina Ervin, who had no answer.

All this was seen by Bane Colak who did not want to comment much. When Zerina ended her conversation with Elvin and realized what she was doing, she tried to talk to Bane, but she refused.

"All day I told you not to talk to me, what do you want from me, my wife? Let me go, go away from me," he told him.

This especially hurt Zerin, so he started crying and became miserable. Because of his unreasonable actions, it is possible that it will remain completely alone.

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