Wednesday , July 28 2021

Belgium receives five in Lucerne (VIDEO)

Switzerland Rhapsody for League of Nations Play-off: Belgium Receives Five Pieces in Lucerne (VIDEO)

From 0: 2 to 5: 2! For complete fondness in Lucerne, for first place in Group A and Swiss placement in the League of Nations playoffs. Vladimir Petkovic's team in an extraordinary way reversed today's match with the likes of Belgium and on the fantastic wing Haris Seferovic has achieved one of the greatest victories in history – 5: 2 (2: 2).

The Benfica striker scored a heat-trick in this game, he was the creator directly from the goal in the 31st and 44th minutes, and then scored his fifth goal in the 84th minute.

The Belgians fantasticly opened the match, but in the 17th minute they had a two-goal advantage thanks to those goals Torgana Azara, but everything changes quickly. Aim Rodriguez i Seferovic really changed the situation on the field, after that the host in a great way has reached a convincing celebration.

The Belgians might play the worst match of the year. It seems they are very happy to receive this match. It's too easy to take too much, then really relax, maybe thinking that it will easily reach the celebration, which seriously hurts their heads.

Great criticism of the public is an obstacle Roberto Martinez, who obviously did not prepare the team well for this match, and in the second half he failed to recognize the moment where he would make enough changes and change the situation on the field. He decided only for one in 65 minutes when he was Nasera Shadley replaced Misha Batshuaji.


Group B:

Switzerland – Belgium 5: 2 (2: 2)
/ Rodrigez 26pen, Seferovic 31, 44, 84, Elvedi 62 – T. Azar 2, 17 /

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