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At the pump, 10 percent of the fuel must be biofuel

In European Union countries and in some countries in our region, gas stations have also been marked, and in the Montenegro Oil Companies Association (UNKCG) they believe that this new practice will soon live in Montenegro.

UN Secretary General Boris Spalevic told Vijesti that the European Parliament in October begins the implementation of the 2014/94 / EU EU Directive, which includes a new system to mark alternative biofuels that must be represented in 10% total sales.

"Directives take effect at gas stations in all 28 EU countries. This new tag will also be an obligation for newly produced cars. This new label will be an addition to existing labels and will apply to all 28 EU member states, as well as in countries, Switzerland, Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, and Macedonia and Serbia will be the first to move in the region, "Spalević said.

Boris Spalević (newspaper)

He explained that this should mainly help consumers to better fuel their vehicles.

"In the world today, more alternatives for fuel, which must be represented by 10 percent in relation to fossil fuels, are increasingly being considered. For this reason, new vehicles will also be marked on tank caps marked with this direction. marking will be done in such a way that near the nozzle and on the nozzle there is a sign on the type of fuel.In addition to the standard BMB 95, 98, 100, and EURO diesel fuel signs, additional marks will be found. we don't have the possibility to serve our own petrol at their gas station on their vehicles, as happened in European Union countries, so if they find themselves outside the Montenegro border, they are not discussed in this direction, labeling the addition will make it difficult for them, "explained Spalević.

The speaker "VIESTI" said that "a set of labels to mark electric vehicles and electric car charging stations" was being prepared.

"It is expected to accept this set of steps as early as 2019. This means that we should expect a 24-month deadline after that. We can expect that by 2021, electric cars will be charged for the next two years in the European Union according to standards new EN 17186: 2019, and the possibility that Montenegro will be ready to function in this direction due to demands from private owners to open electric car charging stations ", Spalević said.

Additional tags will be circular, square and rhombic

Along with each petrol motorbike will be added along with the existing sign – E5, E10 and E85 (mark in circle), which will show the percentage of ethanol in the fuel mixture. E5 to 5%, E10 to 10% ethanol, or biofuels in fuel.

fuel, tag Fuel tag

B7, B10, B20, B30, B100 and XTL for diesel fuel (square marks) indicate the percentage of bio fuel in diesel. XTL will show synthetic diesel which is not produced from crude oil.

Marking in the H2-rhombus refers to hydrogen, CNG for compressed natural gas, LPG for LPG and LNG for liquefied natural gas.

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