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A single father died on the machine … He took off part of his body from the tree, he flew away from the force of the collision


11/28/2018. 23:26

Nikolu Ilic (32) hit a car. He lived in a house with his father, stepmother, grandmother and son who had just attended school, in more than just material conditions


Paracin, Photo: Google street view

A severe tragedy hit the Ilic poor family from Raševica near Paracin when his only adopted girl, Nikola Ilic (32), died, a single father from a seven-year-old boy.

He was killed on Tuesday night just before 20 hours, when a "fiat-style" car on the Paracin-Čepura road crashed into a car, with Dragan S. pointing it over the others. From the power attack, poor Nikola was thrown into the nearest tree, and his body was removed from the firefighters!

CONDITION OF LOW TIME PARISER IMPORTANT Accident near Kruševac: One person died in an accident

In Raševica, from the Nikoline family's house, his grandmother's cassette was heard, while the neighbors and friends gathered were in the yard, trying to find Miomir in the hand.

– I can't believe this happened! Last night Nikola's motorbike went to Paracin to work, on the third shift, and at midnight, I came to the police house. They did not tell me that he was dead but I came to the station in the morning. I don't know my child anymore, from one of his colleagues who found himself nearby. Blessed be God, does this destiny happen to us? "Miomir whispered, the old man's father.

Nikola lives in a house with her father, stepmother, grandmother, and son who just attended school in more than just material conditions. Neighbors said that he was the only survivor of the family. He didn't choose a job just to get more dinars. He is a single parent, because his wife left him when their child was only four months old.

"The tragedy is big, this person isn't really lucky in life," Rasevic said. – Initially, his mother left him when he was a child, and was guarded by his father, and after that, when he married and got a baby, his wife, and he and his baby left him. He managed to get his own son out. And now, he will grow up without a father.

On Paraćin's "Waterworks", where Nikola worked in recent months, they said that he was a good and valuable worker. He works physically and according to the shift, is very careful. Everyone knew about his poor financial condition and rejoiced when he told them that he bought a motorcycle a few days ago.

– It's easier for him to come to work than a bus. He had one old one, very bad before, and he was almost happy, he praised that he bought it better – they talked, in mistrust, coworkers.

Paracin Input – uraepura is a local road where collisions are quite common, especially in a section called Jelenje. This is the bridge zone across the river on the curve. This time, the tragedy did not happen here, but about 300 meters at the exit of Paracin. There is the right track, there are no limits at speeds of 50 kilometers, and the driver, reckless, "tread" often and more than a hundred.

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