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20 of Saturn's new satellites, "the king of the moon" are revealed

Saturn has been recognized as the "king of the moon" by the solar system after astronomers found 20 satellites around the large planet, increasing their number to 82, three times that of Jupiter.

The newly identified small moon, with a diameter of between three and six kilometers, was discovered by the team of astronomer Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institute of Science based in Washington, with the help of the Hawaii Subaru telescope.

"Saturn is the king of the moon," Shepard said this week when the discovery of the new moon was announced.

One of the satellites is a surprising distance of 24 million kilometers from Saturn, further than the other moon. In comparison, our moon is 386,000 kilometers from Earth.

Seventeen of the newly discovered Saturn moons move in the opposite direction from their rotation. The others stayed with him, as usual.

Saturn, a gas giant consisting mostly of hydrogen and helium, is the second largest planet in the solar system, the sixth in a row from the sun.

Its diameter is around 116,000 kilometers, about ten times that of Earth (12.7 thousand kilometers).

Bigger than that is only Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun.

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