ШОК ИСПОВЕСТ! SLOBA DISCOVER ALL DETAILS ABOUT SEX WITH ANNEY CURRENT: Presented by Kia Gobler, Luni Jogani, and what she really thinks of Anabela will be all BANGET! BRUTAL | Star


ШОК ИСПОВЕСТ! SLOBA DISCOVER ALL DETAILS ABOUT SEX WITH ANNEY CURRENT: Presented by Kia Gobler, Luni Jogani, and what she really thinks of Anabela will be all BANGET! BRUTAL

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Although singer Sloba Radanovic denied that Koracev had anything more than friendship, he did not hide that he wanted to have sex with him.

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– I never had sexual relations with Anne Korac. If Kristina told me, I did not know where she came from such information, because it really was not true. This starts talking after my video where Ana is located. I don't sleep with him. I will sleep, like other men who will sleep, but if I have done this, I will not, "said Radanovic, who often gambles in love.

– Love for me in a certain way is a cube. Because gamblers are sometimes misjudged, so someone takes them all, so in some life situations we make bad decisions and lose what is valuable to us or means a lot to us. That revelation brings me a lot of material things, but needs a lot of spiritual things. Everything that happens brings me security in my career and the ability to deal with businesses that I like, but that requires my privacy. It's easier for me to believe that there are good reasons for everything – said Sloba.

– I called Kristina for a promotion, but did not come for justified reasons. He has a recording and can't appear. He wanted me to be lucky through that message and I thank him for that. He didn't hear the whole song, he heard that part, and he liked it, the singer explained, and then turned to relations with Luana Djogani.

– This chaos has been going on for days since I entered "Cooper". Because I do my job professionally, it turns out that I did something bad, and I did nothing. I try not to provoke any negative reactions with any attitude, but the Moon is always disgusting. I don't think it will be very difficult to experience all that. He blamed me for crying and breaking up so much, said Sloba who could not forgive his story that he left because of ethnic Roma.

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– Everything about me talking and speaking, everything was said to me, but what he said was that I cursed him and left him because he was a Roman woman, he was really annoyed. I can hold everything back, but I don't allow someone to talk nonsense like a terrible person. He didn't know what to think at the time, so he said it. I knew who it was and what it was before we entered into a relationship, and that nationality was never important to me when it came to choosing a girl, friend, collaborator … I would not let that happen, said Sloba, who was not indifferent indifferent. in the tears of Anabela Atiyas.

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– I'm sorry because Anabel is crying. Mothers are mothers and their tears are the most difficult. I was very emotional and happy that after I got out of the rialitia everything was calm. He can see me and hug, and it makes things much easier. Caring for a child is a concern for a child, I have two or thirty two years – concludes the singer.

Kia Gokard congratulates her ex-husband on the new song, and then he shares the piston on his Instagram profile.
Even though he hoped he was lucky, he couldn't help but provoke him because of the song title "Cube". He added the letter R to the song title and invited fans to see the video.

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