Friday , October 22 2021

Washington warns its allies against China's risk of Huawei


US government officials have met on this issue with colleagues and leaders of telecommunications companies in countries where Huawei is already very well established such as Germany, Italy or Japan, the daily said, citing anonymous sources who had knowledge of the file.

The United States also plans to provide financial assistance to countries that choose to develop their networks without resorting to China.

One of the main concerns, according to these sources, lies in securing communication of US military installations abroad, such as in Germany, Italy and Japan, where the military utilizes local communication networks even if they have the most sensitive exchange resources.

This initiative, which reflects concerns that largely overtake the Trump administration, is likely to further add to the already strong tensions between the two countries, both in front of the commercial and military.

The US warning coincides with the emergence of 5G networks that will increase cellular and ultra-fast internet access and connect countless everyday objects.

This interconnection has caused concern and fear among Americans in particular that the use of Chinese equipment does not facilitate espionage or allow Chinese authorities to interfere or even disrupt communication.

However, it is not certain that Washington really heard, because of the lack of a credible alternative, even if in the United States Huawei is more or less banned after the Congress report has been designated as a risk for national security.

Huawei dominates the global telecommunications equipment market with a 22% share, compared to 13% for Nokia Finland and 11% for Ericsson Sweden, according to daily figures.

"There is only one 5G hardware vendor right now, and that's Huawei," Neil McRae, UK network architecture manager BT, said at an event organized by Chinese producers this week in London.

Huawei always ensures its independence and claims that they have never used their equipment to spy on or sabotage communications in countries where their equipment is used. He reacted in a statement to the Wall Street Journal, where he claimed to enjoy the trust of his customers and was "shocked by the behavior of the US government."

"We should not encourage the government to act outside its jurisdiction," Huawei said.

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