Monday , May 20 2019
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Washington can cut some trade restrictions on Huawei

WASHINGTON, May 18 (Reuters) – The US Commerce Department will soon reduce some restrictions on Huawei Technologies after including the Chinese telecommunications giant blacklisted, making it almost impossible for companies to buy sophisticated US products, a department spokesman said on Friday.

The Ministry of Commerce can issue a temporary general license to enable companies and people with Huawei's equipment time to maintain the reliability of their communication networks and equipment, the spokesman said.

This license does not apply to new transactions and will last 90 days.

Donald Trump signed a decision Wednesday that prohibits US companies from using telecommunications equipment produced by companies at risk of national security, which prohibits US groups from doing business with Huawei.

Temporary licenses can benefit Internet service providers and cellular operators in sparsely populated areas such as Wyoming and eastern Oregon, which have purchased network equipment from Huawei in recent years. (Karen Freifeld, Arthur Connan for French service)

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