The presenter's Oscar ceremony for the first time since 1989


The most watched Hollywood night, Oscar winners are set to be unmanned for the first time in thirty years, after actor and comedian Kevin Hart resigned after controversy over old tweets, homophobia. .

The organizers were not officially announced that night, but several sources in the film industry have confirmed that preparations for the Oscar's 91st ceremony on February 24 did not include the title of the host, because they could not find a replacement. For the first time since 1989, this event will be revoked from "Monsieur Loyal" to ensure the transition between discounted statues and jokes.

According to some professionals who showed public dissatisfaction with this appointment, that was good news. "A lot of things are bad because people have said for years that this format – the same since 1953 – needs to be changed, and they are trying to reduce the duration of the night," AFP said. Tim Gray, an award specialist at Variety magazine. "Personally, I think it's a good idea not to have a presenter," he said.

The last ceremony held without a presenter in 1989, however, remained in Hollywood's memory as one of the most embarrassing in history, with a long opening number completely destroyed by a fake record that actor Rob Lowe pushed along with a fake Snow White.

In early December, two days after announcing that he would submit the 91st Academy Award in February, Kevin Hart suddenly gave up after the rise of old tweets where he was ridiculed by homosexuals. In a video posted on social networking, the 39-year-old American actor felt he had "answered the affair several times" and preferred to withdraw from the ceremony rather than apologize. However, he later said he regretted "harsh words" in a message to the "LGBTQ community". "I have moved and I want to continue doing it, my goal is to unite people, not divide them," said Kevin Hart.


"Job is not grateful"
The last two editions of Oscar were presented by comedian Jimmy Kimmel. 2018 was only followed by 26.5 million viewers, as opposed to for example 43 million in 2014. He didn't seem to want to replace Kevin Hart in a short time, unlike comedian Chris Rock or star presenter Ellen DeGeneres, who also tried several times in training this high aerobatics.

"I think a lot of people, especially Oscars, think today that it's not worth showing (night of awards, red) because it keeps you watched," said Tim Gray. "This is a pretty selfless job, and many presenters say how difficult it is because you are in a room with 3,000 people, and all they want to know is who wins. In each category," he continued.

Contacted by AFP, the Academy of Arts and Sciences of the cinema which organized the Oscar declined to comment. But according to many specialized sites and magazines, stars must follow each other to present each of the 24 categories. "Oscar regularly had many presenters in the 1970s and 1980s, and television broadcasts went very well," said Dave Karger, IMDb correspondent. "So, if this year's producers can find big stars for small sketches and awards, I don't think the show is the least" there is no presenter, he said. told AFP. For Tim Gray, the biggest challenge is to keep entertaining with a three-hour show: "the situation will force them to be imaginative," he hoped.

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