The FRN accused Macky of establishing an "Orange militia" to do dirty work, not police


The arrests of young people from various opposition parties in Guédiawaye, Pikine, Dakar and the interior in recent days still reacted to the National Resistance Front (FRN), which condemned there "one step from the obvious intimidation" of the regime of Macky Sall.
Also, opposition members accused Macky and his men in the place of "orange militias as in the worst dictatorships that would carry out dirty work in the place of police and gendarmerie who could refuse to do certain tasks." Before adding in a statement that "ASP (Proximity Security Officer) will also be involved"

The FRN also denounced, "the murder threat was addressed to journalist Mouth Bane for his investigative work and against presidential candidate Ousmane Sonko if we trusted Pape journalist Alé Niang. Silencing with terror seemed to be" Weapons of limited power. "


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