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Swiss Railways sells its old trains on the Internet

Swiss Railways has decided to get rid of their old machines by launching their own sales site. This decision was motivated by ecological and economic problems which have become the main focus of this second wave of railroad equipment.

The Swiss Federal Railroad (SBB) has decided to launch a site for selling used equipment.

"We want to be more sustainable and use our resources in a way that is more targeted. That's why we provide a second life for our vehicles, systems and products", SBB explained in the opening.

This site was created because the railroad company wanted to breathe new life into its old equipment. According to the site, several sales have been made. So, an electric transformer has found a new owner at a price of 75,000 francs (67,500 euros), the reference is sold at a price of 29,000 francs (26,300 euros) and a defibrillator of 800 francs (720 euros).

However, some objects are still waiting for their buyers: two self-propelled trains at 830,000 francs (753,000 euros) and 1.3 million francs (1.2 million euros). In addition, diesel locomotives cost 200,000 francs (180,000 euros) and trains and rescue for one million francs (900,000 euros) were included in the offer.

All items are presented with photos and detailed descriptions.

According to SBB, sustainable economics has become the main goal of reselling railroad equipment. In addition, the company intends to offer objects to companies and industrial sites that want to complete.

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