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SUPER FEZ and BALFOUR are our favorites!


Support for a good race, betting a la carte on this Saturday at the Enghien racetrack with the price of New York, a fast race on the autostart track, departing at 2150 meters, we will find quality horses. With five subjects entering the second row in the top five of my prognosis, the course of the race will have its interests, but if everything goes well for my favorite, they have to answer now, with the first rank among those who will be installed big favorites, SUPER FEZ. However, he will not have a race won in advance against elements such as BALFOUR, CONNECTION CLASSIC, ARDENTE DU CLOS and DROLE DE JET, four trackers may also have the highest ambition even though the initial number is not profitable. For place and access, then VIKING D & HESMES, CICERO NOA and BAD BOY DU DOLLAR.

Training Jean-Michel Bazire with this subject from Italy, he is now very famous in France, after several highlights on the Plateau de Gravelle. Having a good base speed, he won on May 5 on the 2100 meter line from Grande Piste, making him leave a very good impression, winning without an injection. IF he failed in the only race since then, satisfied with fifth place when he was an old favorite, it would bring him back, on the track where he never won two appearances but where he found great opportunities to do so here. This will negotiate this number 9, the rope in the second row, but if everything goes well in the initial phase that should answer now, let's count do this at "JMB".

The second line behind autostart is also with Scipion du Goutier's son, he is from Scandinavia, but he has also been known in France for a long time. More has been reviewed in France since the end of last year, he has signed five beautiful passes during the second part of 2018, including winning twice on this Enghien track, including once on this route. The winner in Kalmar lately, in the condition that he returns, will start with ambition on the track where he is also invincible in three appearances …

The Outsider TQQ:
A horse with a certain potential, your son of Cinta will return here on the path he really likes, after making a very good run last summer, winning especially at Prix de Genève, Group III where he is ahead of the Elite Ruel and Express Jet horses . The winner, after being out for four months at Vichy, has since been declared a non-runner, who will be a bit flat. That said, the intrinsic luck is certain, even starting in the second line.

Always the second row at the beginning, rarely offering the first four places of the prognosis of four horses at the back, it is a mare with a very good base speed, especially appreciating this type. the plot and departure are launched. As a racing fan waiting, the initial number will not be disabled by taking the right train, which also has excellent gearshift. He had won at Enghien and returned after a good race, third in Super Fez and Valokajo Hindo in Vincennes, at 2100 meters running in 1 & # 39; & # 39; 3 …

We continued with the second line behind the autostart with this boarder Pierre Vercruysse who was part of the good elements of his generation, he is still the winner of Group I, the UET Grand Prix in September 2017. Since then, he ran well, spring proved very convincing, with some places, even considered feasible to take part in Finland Ajo, Group I was won by Readly Express. Since then, at Vincennes, the race has not supported it, but the race has given a good ending. Suspicion, he is again a good horse as usual.

Finally this first line with resident Jean-Marie Roubaud will be entrusted to Eric Raffin, this is a subject that has intact resources at its peak of ten years. Admittedly, in many ways like this Saturday, his margin is now limited to cadets, but he will go with a good number, capable of hoping that this one good road is hidden ranked good on a good back. As the music shows, he always responds, of course in recent times to a lower level, can claim a place.

Hard and orderly, Mandarino Blue's son is almost always of value, he who still has a good performance by taking second place in Vincennes, behind Jerry Mom who is very fit. Good finisher, I prefer it longer, but it has gone very well on the speed course and likes it very well at Enghien. Indeed, in nine races on the Plateau de Soisy, there is always a finish at five. In other words, to underestimate it will be risky …

A good horse, he is too hard, he is still slow to find the best level. That said, he has announced an increase in certain forms with a good ending on the GNT stage at La Capelle. Even though he wasn't dangerous since Laval, but because he was led wisely he could still have ambitions for fourth – fifth place and spice up reports. Lovers of outsiders can include it in the context of Paris quinté.

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