Sunday at Vincennes, Latin American Prize (Gr. III). ELVIS MADRIK, goal achieved


Well prepared by Jean-Michel Baudouin. ELVIS MADRIK (photo) responded perfectly by winning Group III brilliantly at Vincennes. To pass in front of the stands, ELVIS MADRIK go to the front line, join the facilitator advantages. Then run in the main group FACE SPICKLEBACK. VIRGINIA GRIF. ECLIPSE DANICA and ELEA MADRIK. In climbing, we found in mind advantages, followed by FACE SPICKLEBACK. ELEA MADRIK and ELVIS MADRIK. To enter the finish line, three horses fight for victory: advantages. CALLE CROWN (who has made a good closing after being wrong at first) and ELVIS MADRIK. In the last 50 meters, that ELVIS MADRIK who referees the debate, gives a good kidney to pass the winning post. The first access is taken by advantages, temporarily CALLE CROWN must be satisfied in third place. In a little withdrawal, VIRGINIA GRIF fourth place.


1500 m: 1 16 16 "0

1000 m: 1 & # 39; 15 "6

500 m: 1 & # 39; 15 "2

Check in: 1 & # 39; 14 "2

Dai: 2 – 3 – 8 – 11


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