Thursday , October 21 2021

summary before episode 405 Thursday, February 21


in Tomorrow is ours Thursday February 21Margot give birth with Kylian, Leila and Samuel by his side. Chloe and Karim joined them at the hospital, and he assured the police not to stop Kylian immediately. The girl gave birth to a boy who behaved well but he did not want to connect with him. Karim arrived at the room and caught Kylian, even though Margot begged. Later, Chloe tried to comfort Margot and offered him to bottle her child, but the girl refused, and Chloe and Alex took care of it.

⋙ Excluded. Marysole Fertard (Tomorrow's ours): "This child will change everything in Margot's life"

At breakfast Sandrine in a bad mood after having a rabbit Morgane. When Laurence asked how the party was, he told her to go for a walk. On Spoon, Gabriel announces to Morgane that he doesn't want to stay with him anymore. In middle school, Morgane came to apologize to Sandrine, who was far away. The nurse then decided to reveal her secret: "four years ago I was a manSandrine thinks it's bad because she didn't tell her before: "I just feel you're not honest"

While having lunch at a cafe with Lou, winner received a message indicating he gave money to Kylianwhich made him nervous. lou announce Kylian's arrest and Victor is very worried but doesn't want to talk about it.

⋙ Tomorrow is ours: become the new hero of the TF1 series!

Corkas received his friend in the living room and he gave him a shirt. They can't wait to reunite. Returning to his cell, Corkas hid the gun under his bed, which was wrapped in clothes. bilel take carousels from fellow inmates and find weapons. When Corkas returned, he gave Bilel a real interrogation and he finally admitted he had found the weapon. Corkas explained to him that he would need it to escape. Then, in the living room, Bilel told everything Leila who wants to condemn the actions of inmates but Bilel is too afraid of the consequences.

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