RED Box Fiber or THD for 20 euros per month for life and without commitment!


We regularly talk about cellular package promotions, and this weekend with RED mobile packages by SFR 40GB to 10 € / month in a lifetime with Youboox, but also promotions for Free Mobile, B & You, and Sosh, but less than that is done on connections fixed type ADSL, Fiber or THD (Very High Speed).

Today Red by SFR offers a very interesting promotion Subscribe to Fiber or Internet THD Red box legitimate until January 28, 2019 and proposed without commitment and for life with 20 euros per month (As long as you subscribe, the rates will not change).

RED-Box-fiber broadband

You will have unlimited internet access with downloads of up to 200 Mb / s and uploads of 50 Mb / s. Note that you can also increase the tariff by activating the "Debit Plus" option which is billed € 5 / month, but that allows you to download up to 1 Gb / s up to 200 Mbit / S (if you meet the requirements, to test on the site).

This offer also includes unlimited calls to landlines in France and more than 100 destinations, but also unlimited calls to cellphones in France (usually charged € 5 / month but free here), as well as various services (presentation of numbers, voicemail , email on email, …)

Note that there are no special TV offers but you can also, if you wish, choose an option that is charged € 2 / month to get access to 35 TV channels via a TV decoder, or at 4 € / month for 100 channels.

Finally, let us conclude by stating that, if you do not qualify for a Fiber or THD offer, you can take advantage of this same offer through ADSL technology with a € 15 / month reduction rate.

Find a RED Box (Fiber or THD) internet subscription at a cost of € 20 / month for life and without commitment

It should be noted that Free has just announced a milestone of one million customers for fiber offerings after recruiting more than 420,000 new FTTH customers in 2018 and that, in the annual barometer of fixed connections in metropolitan France, nPerf has credited free of best overall performance and flat downlink rate best data (453 Mbps) above optical fiber. You can also test your eligibility on their site.


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