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Prognosis for Quinté + Prix Céréaliste free on Friday in Compiègne. DEPORTETOI, go directly to the destination

that Gift cerealThis Friday, in Compiègne, brings together fifteen five-year-old obstacle racers. Posted 4th, 6th and 7th respectively, with the same bill disability, during September on this track, DEPORTETOI, ROYAL BOY (photo) and ECLAIR DE MAFFRAY present yourself with ambition. Therefore they are opponents that must be taken seriously GUADULOUP, the fun race writer returns to this track, and ambitious newcomers to this level.

Quinté of the day prognosis free by Canalturf

4 DEPORTETOI He has never finished more than fifth since his debut, posting five podiums in seven races. The fourth of the quinté references before his three opponents that day, running in September on this track, he will have our preferences.

1 ROYAL BOY : He is certainly looking for the first win of the year. However, he was considered fit to run the Prix Renaud du Vivier (Gr.I), at the same time last year, proving that he had to count with him at this level of competition and appreciate the weight. Must believe that.

2 GUADULOUP : He has three wins in six races. In addition, his return after more than nine months of absence ended in a pleasant 2nd position at the end of September in Auteuil. Here he takes his first step in disability with pretensions.

7 BONAPARTE SIZES : Stay in 4th place on the route that interests us. He enjoyed the rough terrain. In addition, it seems to lie on the handicapper scale. Since then, for his handicap debut, he deserves a record of mistrust …

3 ZARISK : He failed in the Quinté Prix de Beaune reference at the end of September on this ring. That said, he straightened up winning the Prix du Prince 'Ecouen, recently at Auteuil. Although seriously reassembled, he has a chance.

6 DESAGUADERO : He was arrested during his last two trips to a company like that, running in April. However, his recent trip to the summer in Nantes has denied this. Before going to Cagnes-sur-Mer, he can come here to shuffle cards.

5 EDEN CONTI : With only five races above the clock, he is one of the most experienced of the package. That said, he already had three wins and his abilities on the hard terrain were proven. What is interesting here amateurs from valid outsiders.

12 ECLAIR DE MAFFRAY : He recently suffered a bitter failure at Prix du Prince 'Ecouen, recently at Auteuil, and routinely failed at Compiegne's path. However, there is no shortage of references in the defect. It would be unwise to curse him in haste.

In the case of non-runners: 9 DECEMBER

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