Prix ​​de Mirande (Gr. III): Elvis Madrik faces his goal


Prix ​​de Mirande (Gr. III): Elvis Madrik faces his goal

A quality horse is one of the Prix de Mirande winners (Group III – Attelé – 2,700 meters GP – 80,000 € – 5 years), a beautiful European event that was opened for only 5 years, the latest being Goofy Greenwood. Prepared for, Elvis Madrik will try to register his name this year.

Author of a beautiful winter last year,
interspersed by his victory at Letrot Open
Region 3 years
(Gr. III), elvis
Madrik (12 – F. Nivard)
double the spring bets by pinning Camilla Award (Gr. III). Because
the status of the castration of his representative, Jean-Michel Baudouin must target with
keep its commitment and don't hide it from other places: "He faced his goal
meeting. It rubs aliens but there is no scarecrow before kicking.
After the resumption of good contact at Vincennes, ranked seventh, he could
reach the destination this Sunday. "

In fact, it is placed at the level
semi classical, and on the strength of his victory at Price of Saint-Aubin-les-Elbeuf. Eclipse Danica (11 – P. Vercruysse) Looks like serious
pretend but Pierre Vercruysse prefers to weaken us: "He won the right one
the final blow, because it was sharpened to. Since then, I have let him decompress
because he doesn't spend a lot of time. Sunday, this race is part of its race
Program but not too ready. I prefer to access
at Prix Jean Le Gonidec (Gr. II) against the only woman on February 10.
That said, he did not get out of the agreement for a place. "

In this situation, the opposition
will be carried out by Calle Crown (8 – B.
. The game winner is here, Tomas's first asset
Malmqvist then shows order before facing the strong
the inside part Criterium Continental (Gr. I). However, his colleague that day, Jean-Philippe Monclin,
felt he could finish at the quinté gate while still on the rope.
Also, faced with such opposition, it must be taken again. We will follow
elsewhere return to France from Italy Virginia Grif (4 – J.-M. Bazire), last winter winner here
just facing women and entrusted to the opportunity to Jean-Michel Bazire.

The second advantage of training
from Tomas Malmqvist, Current affairs (1 –
F. Ouvrie)
maybe it will start at the seeded rank, it doesn't have
still confident in our land, while showing courage in the face Transcendence (6 – G. Gelormini) lately on Angoulême Award on the shorter one, because it was indeed forced to start on the second line.
Only a tear, the second name was no longer threatening at Mauriac Prices after trying to worry
Spickleback's face (2 – D. Locqueneux).
both ranked sixth and ninth, respectively.

Finally, in the tricolor clan,
some candidates ask questions. So, the latest ranking fromEverest Vedaquais (3 – Y. Lebourgeois) leave
to cast doubt on his current condition but he just walked better than
the results show and will completely eliminate for the first time. that
find Elixir of Anama (5 – E.
, which is also slow to return this winter but Eric Raffin
he maintains his confidence. On a good day Erode Ludois (7 – A. Barrier) will also have a deep voice
a place with good opportunities. On the other hand, the task seems complicated Equinoxe Jiel (8 – Mr. Abrivard)Furthermore
sharp with men behind and not seen since the fourth place in President's Award (Gr. I),
but also Elea Madrik (10 – W. Bigeon).
good theoretical opportunities are judged by their semi-classical victories in the past (Price of grouse and Roquepine) but not reviewed since being disqualified in 4 Year Criterium (Gr. I).

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