President Macky Sall damaged the Army


President Macky Sall has provided medical representation benefits of 200,000 FCFA for the exclusive benefit of doctors, pharmacists and military dentists. They will now receive a monthly, 200,000 F CFA medical representative allowance.

The 2019-35 decree signed on January 4, has not been published in the Official Journal and which gives pride to the military, may not please the health of Intersyndicale and Gueusseum.

This is one of the main causes of the strike of the Health Union. They requested the signature of the draft Decree which stipulates medical representation allowances for the benefit of doctors, pharmacists and dental surgeons, examined at the Council of Ministers on August 1. But finally the head of state, "catimini", this decree, but for the exclusive benefit of doctors, pharmacists, dental surgeons and veterinarians.


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