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Peng Liyuan visited the Royal Theater of Madrid-France

Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, was accompanied on Wednesday, November 28 by the Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz for a visit to the Royal Theater of Madrid located in the heart of the Spanish capital.

Upon their arrival, Ms. Peng Liyuan and the Spanish Queen Leitizia were accepted on the steps of the Royal Theater by the Spanish Minister of Culture and Sports José Guirao, CEO of the Royal Theater of Madrid Foundation and General Manager of the Theater. At the entrance of the hall, Peng Liyuan learned about the culture and history of the Theater, its architectural style and commission. It was before a photo shoot with the Queen of Spain and several theater directors. After that, Peng Liyuan attended the "Turandot" opera rehearsal for a while and visited Theater boxes and various showrooms of various styles. Guest Queen Leitizia also listened to some classic songs played by the main opera actor "Turandot", followed by exchanges with these actors. Continuing their visit, Mrs. The Spanish Peng and Queen Leitizia then went to the main place, a luxurious place with imperial characteristics. On the site, they took family photos with the entire "Turandot" opera team. Meanwhile, the first Chinese women wished them great success in their first appearance.

According to Peng Liyuan, art, the common language of all people, has no limits. China and Spain are in the bosom of great artistic countries. Artists from both countries inspire and respect each other. Connected by healthy cooperation, the Royal Theater of Madrid and the Grand National Theater of China are leading platforms that enable the talents of artists to express themselves. We must continue to promote exchange in art and promote understanding and friendship between two nations.

Founded in 1818, the Royal Theater of Madrid, famous for being a first-class artistic palace in Spain, has 200 years of history. In 2016, Theater joined the Alliance of Silk Road International Theaters.

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