Nsia Bank in place of the Aps to confiscate the property of the institution


press house
press house

Accompanied by bailiffs and thugs, Berlian Bank became Bank Nsia attacked yesterday Thursday, November 8, where the Senegal News Agency seized the agency's assets. The reason?

According to the Rfm who gave the news, the bank claimed Aps debt of 30 million francs. Asked by Rfm, the director of Aps, Thierno Birahim Fall, acknowledged the existence of debt. "This is the $ 80 million debt that occurred before I became the director of the Aps.

Since my appointment, I have been able to pay 50 million and there is still an excess of 30 million, "he said. While stating that 250 million received from Senegal was not intended to repay debt, he warned the bank that public service assets cannot be changed. The fall of Thierno Birahim informs him that he has captured the High Commander of the gendarmerie. (With Rewmi)


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