Saturday , August 24 2019
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"New bomb on Macky"

2019 Economic Outlook Report The World Bank places Senegal as a "low income country". This is information that cuts L & # 39; Observateur 's daily headlines on Wednesday, taken by Seneweb. The newspaper talked about "a new bomb on Macky". Information that brought a new agreement in the context of the controversy over Petro-Tim's contract and "a scandal of up to 100 billion dollars" was revealed by the BBC in its famous report.

Indeed, more than 60 in the early 2000s, only poor countries were 34. However, World Bank studies have revealed that "Senegal, with 950 dollars (around 552 425 Fcfa) below the threshold of middle-income countries", daily reports

"This situation is contrary to the concept of emergence," noted Meïssa Babou, economist and researcher at Ucad.


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