Moustapha GUIRASSY suggested Macky SALL to: "do not sign the contract, …"


Moustapha GUIRASSY, leader of the Senegal party United for Development (South) is a guest of the Diano bi show on South Fm.

As such, the South party boss took the opportunity to overcome Falémé's iron problem. "The president cannot sign a contract for 3 months in his term" announcing the former minister under the Abdoulaye WADE regime. Thus, he recalled that the government had pre-contracted with a Turkish company, Tosyali.

In addition, he also denounced the fact that he did not have a call for tenders in the file. With this, he advised the president not to sign a contract that would involve our country for decades without regard to the context. In addition, he also called for improving our fabric industry as a steel industry. Still silent, in the context of natural resources, he denounced that we want to export crude oil while we can do refining here before exporting.



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