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"Morocco is an important base for us in Africa"

Speaking at a meeting with the Moroccan press, Camus, who made his first visit to Morocco as Suez CEO, said the group's ability to invest was very dependent on the level of regulation. and regulation, before showing that in the Kingdom, the framework is profitable.

In this regard, he congratulated the historic existence of Suez in Morocco through its subsidiary Lydec, especially in the fields of water, electricity and sanitation and waste management, noting that his visit was an opportunity to meet with group employees and Moroccan authorities to see the Suez development opportunities in Kingdom.

In addition, Camus expressed satisfaction with Suez activities in Morocco, adding that the group aimed to use the Kingdom as a foundation for more success in Africa.

"The continent of Africa for us is a place of development, it is one area that we want to accelerate our development from our base," he said, adding that "Suez has built more than 500 water treatment facilities and equipped 80% of the African capital with water treatment projects "

Meanwhile, Camus said Suez was developing a strategic plan at the request of the board of directors, adding that the plan would be submitted to the media and financial community by the end of 2019. It is projecting itself in the long term, given the rapid evolution and transformation of group business.

"In 2030, the world will be very different (…) And for our group, it is necessary to make the changes needed to meet the challenges of the future world," he added.

Held in the presence of Lydec CEO Jean-Pascal Darriet, this meeting was marked by a discussion of several topics, including TPA Mediouna and the management contract delegated by Lydec.

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