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Me El Hadj Diouf on the beautiful sheets …

10/21/2019 at 10:13 p.m.

While he shouted on all the rooftops that Ousmane Sonko was a thief, Me El Hadji Diouf was arrested by embezzlement which began in May 2019. Today, his brother's lawyer, Sheikh Kane Fall, has filed three embezzlement complaints.

The famous lawyer, Me El Hadji Diouf is in trouble because of the embezzlement of the inheritance of a man named Papis Diatta. Indeed, the latter has attached Me Diouf's services through his brother, Sheikh Kane Fall. The black dress imposed 20% of the 200 million FCFA inheritance in return for her help. What will be concluded at the beginning of the collaboration, Senenews informed.

Papis Diatta, heir Patrick Jean Emil Girault then made a power of attorney to Me El Hadji Diouf to repatriate funds. In short, Me El Hadji Diouf's main mission is to transfer money from BNP Paribas Bank to his own account. And once in Dakar, the lawyer must return the funds to the prosecutor's office.

Complaints by me El Hadji Diouf for defamation

From this stage of the case the problem begins. Me El Hadji Diouf "certainly refused to give money to Papis Diatta. He went further by threatening and insulting him," said Sheikh Kane Fall, brother of the lawyer.

Invited on TV, Sheikh Kane Fall, who worked with Me El Hadj Diouf in his office when officers dropped a bomb. Because he was the one who had connected Papis Diatta with his brother Me Diouf, he put up a fight. A few days after the announcement of this affair in all media, Me El Hadji Diouf filed a complaint against his own brother for defamation in the Colobane research section.

Three complaints against Me Diouf

Tonight, the Fall of Cheikh Kane was summoned again by the Gendarmes to raise evidence to defend his statement in the case of embezzlement of 200 million FCFA from Papis Diatta's legacy. At the same time, the council of Shaykh's Fall Kane and Papis Diatta have submitted to the president three complaints of embezzlement (…).

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