Last chance for Khalifa and Karim


Last Monday, after waiting for more than 14 months, the Constitutional Council published a temporary list of presidential candidates on February 24. Macky Sall, Issa Sall, Ousmane Sonko, Idrissa Seck and Madické Niang were selected to take part in the February 24 poll. Twenty other candidates were summoned by 07 wise men. Karim Wade and Khalifa Sall are part of that. Decisions that were not accepted by the supporters of these two candidates.

A week after the publication of the list, demonstrations spread in the capital. Caliphs burned tires on strategic roads, rolled up and even burned the Dakar Dem Dikk bus (DDD) to protest the cancellation of their mentor's candidacy. At the same time, an appeal was submitted to the Constitutional Council to challenge the motives of the wise regarding the inability to accept the nomination of the former mayor of Dakar.

According to Pope Oumar Sakho and his colleagues, Khalifa Sall could not fulfill the requirements because under Articles 27 and 31 of the Criminal Code, former MPs lost the right to vote. An argument that does not convince Khalifa Sall's supporters who believe that the decision of the Constitutional Council is political and comes from executives who try to get rid of serious competitors.

Meanwhile, supporters of Karim Wade have held an event to pressure the Constitutional Council. The only way out recorded in the "KarimPresident2019" coalition camp came from Oumar Sarr who had just been offended by the cancellation of Karim Wade's candidacy for the same reason as Khalifa Sall. "This is Ma Tey," he complained a few minutes after the publication of the temporary list. Lawyer Wade Jr. also announced "political and judicial" responses, but to date, nothing seems to have been done. Maybe they expect the final decision from the Constitutional Council to be expected on Sunday, January 20 to arrange a response.

It should also be noted that candidates such as Serigne Mansour Sy Djamil and Malick Gakou have not yet declared themselves defeated. This means that the issuance of a list of candidates expected on Sunday at 00:00 can generate political chess boards.


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