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Japan starts testing ALFA-X Shinkansen –


Dakarmidi – Before you can enjoy the 400 km / hour posted on the meter, it will take a long time. The commissioning is not planned until 2030. And even though it will indeed be able to reach this speed, it will carry passengers at a speed of 360 km / hr. Not as fast as magnetic levitation trains in Shanghai but faster than our TGV.

the fastest train in the world

When it starts operating, it must be the fastest train in the world. Hyperloop becomes a separate beast. Initially, the ALFA-X Shinkansen had to pass three years of intensive testing. This will be done after midnight, every two weeks, on the lane between Aomori and Sendai cities.

The train itself has 10 cars and can be identified with a very special nose that is almost 22 meters long. This device will also be tested with a nose "only" 16 meters. To reach that high speed, he would use magnetic plates under the trajectory and air brakes on the roof to slow it down.

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