Saturday , July 24 2021

Find Youssou Ndour's response to the competition

XALIMANEWS: After the launch of the Mamoudou Ibra Kane and Co radio channel, competition increased between radio stations in the square, and especially between Rfm and E. Radio.

Very inspired, Youssou Ndour, of course to attract a wider audience and increase the audience that was still revealed from Rfm, had paid "heavy" equipment.

Indeed, Madinah's prodigy had, according to our colleagues from Dakarpost, taken a step forward by giving herself the latest, latest equipment.

In addition, the devices are installed in a room that protects the waiting room, time to allow technicians and other piss-copy to learn to handle the latest acquisitions at the same level as the biggest European antennas. or an American.

In short, "you", who also intends to launch other findings, put the package to stay on top.

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